The drogulus is a programmable peer-to-peer data store. It's an open, federated and decentralised system where the identity of users and provenance of data is ensured by cryptographically signing digital assets.

Being federated (the system consists of many independent but collaborating entities) and decentralized (no entity is more important than any of the others) ensures users are free from choke points of authority that may be used to control access to data and usage of the system.

As an open system, all users are free to contribute, change, enhance and expand the drogulus without prejudice.

Being programmable means users can work with the data stored within the drogulus. It's a sort of distributed programming environment: by running a node in the drogulus you are sharing a small amount of your potential computing power with everyone else on the network.

By using public key cryptography the drogulus ensures the provenance of data and that it has not been tampered with. Importantly, there is no central authority to prove who's who. Identity is built on the far more humane mechanism of a circle of trust.